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Transform your love for the outdoors into a lucrative career

There is no better time to learn about exciting possibilities within the outdoor recreation economy and turn your favorite hobbies into a full-blow career path. 

The outdoor recreation economy accounts for more than $1 Trillion in gross economic output in the United States annually. It generates millions of jobs in outdoor product development and sales, tourism, environmental stewardship and conservation, community engagement and more*.  
*2022 Bureau of Economic Analysis Outdoor Recreation Economy Report

Learn more about this dynamic sector in Oregon State University’s self-paced, online course Foundations of the Outdoor Recreation Economy now offered for free (a $400 savings). 


FORE101 is the essential introduction to the outdoor economy, including its history, economic, cultural and environmental impact, and its potential as a driver of positive change. In this course you’ll study:

  • Outdoor recreation economy industry sectors
  • Industry orientation and employment pathways
  • The industry’s relationship to the environment and public lands
  • Social justice and policy issues
  • Best practices around accessibility with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusivity

This is a non-credit industry training course developed by Oregon State University’s Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy. Upon completion, you’ll receive a digital badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn or your resume.


Online training, on demand

FORE101 is self-paced and online meaning you can complete the course whenever and wherever it is most convenient to you.

Who is this course for?

Designed for anyone seeking a deeper understanding and appreciation for outdoor recreation, this course can serve entry-level workers in outdoor recreation as well as seasoned professionals.


  • Course Length: 8 lessons
  • Time Commitment: Approximately 4 hours
  • Enrollment Cost: FREE (a $400 savings!)

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