Access, Belonging and Success Training for the Outdoor Industry

ELEVATE OUTDOORS is an employee development program designed to foster more inclusive and accessible experiences with the outdoor recreation economy. This 8-hour asynchronous online course will provide research-driven self-reflective learning opportunities for all public-facing frontline staff - from sales representatives to tour guides to park rangers -  to develop awareness and skills to be agents of change in creating more inclusive and welcoming outdoor recreation spaces.

This program was developed in partnership with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR), and Together Outdoors. 

Topics include: inclusion and belonging, the meaning of culture, inclusive spaces and language, equity as related to outdoor spaces, historical examples of outdoor exclusion, and current state research toward a more equitable outdoor experience for all. 

Learning Objectives
At the end of this training, the successful student will be able to:

  • Understand the imperatives, importance, and relevance of access, inclusion, and belonging as it relates to the outdoors.
  • Gain awareness of one’s own identity and how it affects life experience.
  • Appreciate the complexity of identity and the barriers to access in the outdoors.
  • Utilize learned insights and awareness to contribute to the creation of inclusive and welcoming experiences in outdoor recreation spaces.

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Spring 2024
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Developed in partnership with 

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Who this training is for

  Any conservation, land-use, or other agency employees intending to elevate their understanding of and appreciation for access and belonging in the US outdoor space

   Frontline retail, non-profit, and customer-facing staff

   Outdoor adventure and guiding organization employees

   New hire employees as part of onboarding training

“Successful DEI work is a requirement for any  

organization that hopes to maintain a competitive  

edge as our workforce becomes more diverse.”

OSU College of Business – Center for Advancing DEI in Business

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